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Kosovo is revving up its energy sector with a game-changing plan to auction off a whopping 950 MW of renewable energy capacity over the next two years! This ambitious move, aligned with their 2031 energy strategy, aims to transform Kosovo's energy landscape and significantly boost its use of clean, sustainable power sources.

Here's the Buzz on Kosovo's Big Green Leap: Sun and Wind Power Bonanza: The auction will focus on solar and wind power projects, with the first-ever wind power auction in Kosovo slated for this year itself!

Battery Backup Boost: Recognizing the importance of energy storage, Kosovo also plans auctions for battery storage systems, aiming for a total of 170 MW capacity.

Public and Private Partnerships: The auctions will cater to public, private, and public-private projects, ensuring broad participation in this green revolution.

Investing in the Future: The total investment for these projects is estimated at €1.2 billion, paving the way for a more sustainable and secure energy future for Kosovo.

This large-scale renewable energy push positions Kosovo as a leader in the region's transition to clean energy. The "Kosovo Powers Up" initiative has the potential to go viral due to its focus on sustainability, innovation, and collaboration.